About Vonda Winkle

A Master Teacher, International Presenter and Speaker, who has a gift of keeping students on the edge of their seats. Vonda’s multi-sensory teaching approach engages students in ways they are able to understand and learn at a deep level. Vonda believes learning is fun and surprises students in her delivery. Over the past twenty years Vonda traveled teaching and counseling in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. The majority of Vonda’s career was in Beaverton, Oregon teaching and counseling for Good Samaritan Ministries. Currently Vonda is a Clinical  Therapist Specialist at Unity Center for Behavioral Health.

Vonda is a Certified Collaborative Problem Solving Skills Trainer, Think Kids; Certified Master Teacher, with the Center for Teacher Effectiveness; Certified Criminal Justice Specialist and Certified Domestic Violence Counselor II with the National Association of Forensic Counselors; Dialectic Behavioral Therapy “DBT” Skills Trainer with Behavioral Tech LLC. Vonda earned a BS in Education from George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon in 1981.



“Teaching is my passion and teaching is a part of counseling.   As a teacher it is my responsibility to find ways for my students to learn so I teach to multiple learning styles and engage the students in the lesson and have fun.  My goal is that the lessons learned become a part of who they are and not just head knowledge. Through our trauma we often dehumanize others, I strive to teach people to humanize one another.  In doing so I find that people respond better, retain what they learn, and have the ability to integrate learning in their everyday lives.”

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