Connecting In a Non-Violent Way

Our parents, family, teachers and friends have modeled how to communicate. Be it good, bad or indifferent.  As a result, we learned to judge, place demands, withhold information in our communication.  Some use sarcasm or avoidance.  Some relationships are broken, tense or explosive.


In the class Connecting in a Non-Violent Way, you will gain insight into the ways you communicate.  You will recognize patterns and learn tools to help you create new, more effective communication.  You will learn to resolve conflict in a peaceful manner. 


The development of relationships based on mutual respect, cooperation and compassion will be some of the benefits of this class.  Join us to learn to choose our words without jabs, put downs, sarcasm, and avoidance. Discover empowering ideas to implement new skills related to non-violent communication through dealing with anger, resolving conflict, and relating in a more compassionate way.

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