I Just Want To STRANGLE Them: Dealing With Difficult People

Do you find yourself experiencing people you would rather avoid? During these encounters do you find yourself biting your tongue, clenching your teeth and feeling your blood pressure rise? Do you feel like you are using a lot of energy in conflict with a difficult person? Gain humorous insight and obtain new tools in how to deal with these challenging relationships.

"I Just Want to Strangle Them"!

Learn how you contribute to your difficult person's behavior and tools that will help you switch paths of attitude.

  • Attitude is a choice.

  • Expressing gratitude.

  • Personality types- snakes, apes and bees.

  • Learn to defuse the negative aspects.

  • Learn how to be more effective in the relationship.


Through mindfulness, humor and empathy, it is possible to change the outcome and to be successful with difficult people.

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