Knowing When to Blow Your Whistle

Referees make sure the rules of the game are followed. They blow their whistle when there is an infraction to the rules, including if someone steps on or over the line.  Setting limits in relationships, with family and co-workers can be frustrating and challenging.  Many people are afraid they will hurt someone’s feelings if they say something or they will be punished.  We make a lot of assumptions, even thinking that someone should know what our expectations are with out staying what they are.  So, when they step on or over or push your line, boundaries or expectations what do you so.  Are you effective?  Do you need help blowing your whistle? 


Join us as we practice blowing our whistles letting people know they have crossed the line. 

Class Information

Saturday, 10 - 4:30 pm 

 August 25

Cost: $50.00 paid before August 11

$60.00 after August 11


Blue Pansy Cottage

5585 NW 164 Ave

Portland, OR 97229

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