Staying Out of the Pit:

Effective Choices

Have you ever noticed the questions you ask yourself or the things you say to yourself can lead you into a pit of being a victim and or judge? We get to the pit by reacting to situations, negative self-spoken words or beliefs. Learn how responding takes you down a different path that leads to growth, learning and positive attitudes.  


Often our first thoughts about a situation or issue are negative and one of judgment.  Have you heard yourself say “what was he thinking?”


Discover how to catch yourself before you get to the pit and how to stay out.  Learn the tools that will help you become self-aware enough to change your self-talk learn to find a self development/learning path. See what asking “what is possible?” can change how we see a situation.  Learn other questions that will keep you out of the pit. Discover how changing the questions you ask your self can bring about change. 


Class is based on the book, Change Your Questions Change Your Life by Marilee Adams.  Visual tools are provided to help with the process of changing your questions and thoughts

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